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Are you a nurse or midwife facing issues with registration, have had a complaint made against you, allegations about your ability to practice or have been referred to NMC for investigation? NMC Defence Barristers can help.

The threat of losing your registration and ability to practice may mean the loss of your livelihood, reputation and hard fought for career.

NMC Defence Barristers


NMC Defence Barristers

We can assist you with case preparation and representation at hearings

The Best Team Behind You

Specialist barristers who understand your case

Keeping You Informed

With regular updates you will be in control of your own case

Cost Effective

Fixed fees offered whenever possible

No Limitations

Our barristers can appear in every tribunal and court

Acting In Defence

Defending all levels of nurses and midwives

Have you been referred to the NMC for investigation?

Our NMC Defence Barristers are here to help!
Get in touch with us for professional advice and assistance with your case

Is your reputation and registration at risk?

Get an expert barrister you can trust to fight your corner

Proper representation from the earliest stages can avoid escalation and could prevent you being struck off the nursing and midwifery register. We offer proper consideration of your case and our expert public access barristers can assist and guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Nurses and midwives have one of the most demanding jobs in the UK. Nursing is multifaceted and involves safeguarding the health and wellbeing of members of the public at all times. It is said that less than 0.2 percent of nurses and midwives have allegations made about their fitness to practice. Most of you work within your Code and consistently meet the high standards expected by the public and the NMC. But allegations do get made. If an allegation is made that you have not met the standards set by the NMC they will investigate and where necessary take action to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public.

Proper advice in the early stages can avoid escalation of the matter and could prevent a referral to the NMC or the NMC from finding there is a case to answer

Our specialist barristers can offer advice in the early stages and help you through the process from beginning to end.

They genuinely understand the complexities of working in healthcare and can help.

Nurse Defence Barristers

About us

The role of nurses and midwives, whilst rewarding are also demanding and stressful. They are required to work in a variety of clinical settings and to interact with other professionals and stakeholders. Working in both public and private healthcare brings pressures and with them, the potential for legal complications and allegations. Our specialist nursing defence barristers appreciate the complexities involved. If you have received a notice of referral to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, we can help.

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Nurse Barristers

What we do

Get the best team behind you. If you are facing complaints or allegations, you will be aware that you have few options outside of Royal Colleges and your union. At NMC Defence Barristers, we have no such limitations. We are independent and have no allegiance to either them or the NMC. Our defence barristers provide NMC Legal assistance and are at the forefront of legal knowledge and experience in this field. We provide an first class service which specifically tailored to the needs of nurses facing complaints or allegations regarding fitness to practise. From us, you will receive a legal service of the highest quality. You will be kept informed with regular updates and as a result you will be in control of your own case.

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Public Access NMC Barristers

Public Access

You may be eligible for legal assistance from our NMC defence barristers under the Public Access Scheme. We can provide specialist barristers to work on your case from preparation stages at the outset right through to representation at NMC hearings. Our nursing legal team provide thorough case preparation and first-rate client care. We keep you informed at each stage of the legal process and we are fearless advocates and fight hard on our clients behalf.

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I write is testimony with regards to a recent NMC appeals hearing. From the outset after contacting Kings View Chambers with my inquiry I was contacted the same day by Ms Stock. We discussed the case briefly over the phone but it was immediately apparent that Ms Stock was highly experienced in this area and was very reassuring and understanding.

Over the course of about 5 weeks I had several telephone conversations in preparation for the hearing and Ms Stock went above and beyond to ensure both myself and my witness’s was fully prepared. She also liaised with the NMC to ensure the correct procedure was been followed.

Ms Stock’s clinical and legal experience proved invaluable over the two days as counsel and I believe because of her support I won my appeal.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone over Ms Stock. An exceptional Barrister who worked tirelessly in preparation for the hearing and had every point covered on the day.

Many Thanks

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